Embracing Temerity

It’s time to

live the life of your dreams!

I’ve always believed in leading with kindness, but for so long, I was told to “sit down and shut up.” Play small.

Stay quiet and they won’t bother you.

That wasn’t working for me anymore.

Once I learned to embrace my own temerity, my boldness, I knew I had to take a stand.

I combined my 18 years of blogging expertise with my 7 years of higher education and leadership experience to launch a blog that allowed me to quit my 9-5 after only five months.

I now work from home sharing my time management expertise and business strategies with others looking to live a life of freedom.

Together we can take your website from a time-consuming pastime to an invigorating money-making business.

I was meant for greatness and so are you. Don’t ignore the passion that is your business.

You owe it to yourself to live a life of freedom and strength.


let’s be great together, shall we?



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