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Does this sound like you -

A peak of hyper activity in your business followed by a CRASH as you find yourself sick or burnt out?

Feeling frustrated because you KNOW you can do better than this but you’re barely keeping your head above water?

You often tell yourself “good enough!” even though “good” isn’t really all that great…

Then PLEASE - allow me to share my time management expertise with you so we can bust through your frustrations and get you to seeing MONEY-MAKING results fast!

As a work-at-home mom with two toddlers who don’t know the meaning of “quiet time” or “independent play”, time management is LIFE for me and I want to share that life with you.

If you’re nodding your head with what I said above, then DO NOT WAIT.

Get on my calendar now and let’s get you to a place of less stress and more success.

  •  I’m a work-at-home mom with two preschoolers – time management is LIFE for me.
  • Five months after I launched my first for-profit website, I was making more money from it than I was with my job at a local University.
  •  I’ve been nationally recognized for my work in organizational leadership by United Way Worldwide.
  •  I have over seven years of experience in higher education and program management.
  •  I know how to share my expertise with others in an effective, powerful way (without seeming aggressive or in-your-face).
  •  I served in AmeriCorps for two years and my fight against poverty continues to this day. This heavily relates to my business methods and ideology.
  • I was born to change the world for the better and I know you were, too.
  • When you work with me, there is NO ONE beyond yourself that wants to see you succeed as much as I do.