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Does each day feel like a constant struggle to just “get by” as you tell yourself it’ll be better tomorrow?

Are you desperate for a plan to know what to publish and when, only to realize you have no idea where to even start?

Are you ready to launch your next (or even first) product/service, but you’re scared to put the time in only to make zero in sales?

Stop sitting around and waiting for the right time. The time is NOW!

Put your knowledge into action and GET YOUR PLAN IN PLACE!

Through this bundle, I share exactly what I used to create my first for-profit blog, a blog that allowed me to quit my 9-5 and finally live my dream of working from home fulltime. Allow me to share with you my efficiency expertise and productive organizational structures, and let's get you to working LESS but making MORE. 

This Bundle Includes:

Business Planning Guide, 2017 Business Planner, 2017 Calendar, 2017 Schedule
  • 64-page "Life Budgeting" Planner for 2017 (calendars + worksheets! - Value: $97)
  • 30 Day Gratitude Journal (Value: $37)
  • 24-page Business Planning Guide (Value: $97)

PLUS Video Tutorials to Help You in Making 2017 Your Best Year in Business Yet

AND *BONUS* worksheets, including expense reports & guest post tracking.

Value: $249

Grab YOUR bundle for only $39!

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My name is Amber Temerity and I'm an efficiency strategist and online business consultant; I teach online business owners how to get out from under the overwhelm and make more money in less time.

Prior to launching my first for-profit site in November of 2015, I worked at a local college, helping students learn all about time management, organizational leadership, and marketing. 

From that expertise, I created my first business and blogging planner, meant solely for personal use, but I couldn't help giving it out to friends. They loved it so much and it has now evolved into the product bundle you see before you today!  

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