How Tailwind Saved Me 10 Hours Each Week

How Tailwind Saved Me 10 Hours Each Week

When it comes to marketing – whether you run an online or offline business – it can be a fairly time consuming venture. There’s a reason most businesses have entire departments dedicated to it!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

So what if you’re like me – a one-person show with minimal money for outsourcing and limited time?

You choose your investments wisely!

One of the only investments I strongly recommend for my clients is Tailwind. And today I’m going to show you exactly why I love it and how to use it:

Tailwind Makes You Appear More Active Than You Are

When it comes to Pinterest, you should ideally be pinning around 50 pins each day. Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have that kind of time!

Enter Tailwind.

With Tailwind, I can sit down on a Sunday and schedule out ALL of my pins for the entire week and I can do so in just about an hour. One hour. Thousands of page views sent my way.

When I started using Tailwind, my time spent marketing was cut by over 75% but my stats SKYROCKETED:

Tailwind for bloggers
That 600% jump – all thanks to Tailwind!

Quick Scheduling with Tailwind

With Tailwind, you can install a browser extension that will allow you to select multiple pins on a page to schedule out all at once. You simply click the extension, select which pins you want to schedule, and DONE! All that’s left is to select your board lists.

Board Lists on Tailwind

Within Tailwind, you can set up board lists and group together boards that relate to the same category. This makes scheduling your pins that much quicker as the few pins you selected using the Tailwind extension can now be added to 10 different boards each, all with one simple click. That right there is a day’s worth of scheduling done in all of 30 seconds!

Tailwind board lists

Tailwind Tribes

This newer feature is by far and away one of my favorites! While group boards should play a key role in your Pinterest strategies, Tailwind Tribes are actually where I’ve recently shifted my focus to and are quickly becoming a much more important focus than group boards.

One of the key differences in Tailwind Tribes VS the group boards found on Pinterest is that Tailwind Tribes are typically of a much higher quality.

While on group boards, I can say there’s a rule in that people need to pin quality pins and need to re-pin X amount for every one of their own pin that they post, it is EXCEPTIONALLY more difficult to police group boards than it is to monitor Tailwind Tribes – and by exceptionally more difficult, I mean pretty much impossible.

Tailwind Tribes, though, are specifically set up to allow me, as an admin, to easily see exactly what people are posting, what people are responding to, and who is following through on the re-pinning rules vs those who are not. Tailwind even goes so far as to do the counting for me, showing me how many someone has pinned to the tribe vs repinned, and they even highlight in red when someone is pinning their own stuff but not reciprocating. From there it’s extremely easy for me to send a direct message, reminding the tribes person to do his or her follow-through, and if they don’t, I can kick them out. No muss, no fuss. I love it!

Get started with Tailwind and schedule out your Pinterest with ease!

Because Tailwind Tribes are still in testing, you do need an invite to join. I do have two available to you – one that is open to all bloggers and one that is geared towards those who pin things in the frugal living/making money niche. I only have two rules for these tribes and that is to 1) make sure you’ve already updated your pin template to ensure it’s vertical and high-quality and 2) please re-pin 1 for every one of your own that you do.

And the best part about all of this? Being a part of a tribe is completely FREE. Now you read earlier that I STRONGLY (and I do mean STRONGLY) feel that Tailwind is worth the investment. That said, I know not everyone can afford the $100 or so dollars for a year’s subscription, but seriously when you can, do it.

It’s the only investment I really push, only because it really did save me SO much time and made SUCH a difference in how I use Pinterest (and the time I spend marketing overall!)

What scheduling software do you use for YOUR website?

21 thoughts on “How Tailwind Saved Me 10 Hours Each Week

  1. I use board booster for Pinterest. I choose pins for my ‘secret’ board and board booster pins 2/day from each of them. I spend a few minutes each week loading up my secret boards and I’m done. Don’t tell anyone, okay?

  2. I really need to commit more time with Tailwind. I joined about a week ago through a Tribe invite from a group member on FB. I spent a few hours there pinning and repinning tribe pins but really hadn’t even thought about scheduling pins. Do you schedule pins from your own content or from what you find online? 50 – 100 pins a day for a whole week is a lot from your own so I’m assuming you’re doing a split, if so what is the percentage of that split between pinning your own content and that of others?

  3. Hi Amber, I love Tailwind too, it’s been worth the cost!

    Just a question, when you say we should be pinning 50-100 pins per day, is that the number of pins we should be pinning on each of our boards or is that in total?

    Tailwind It does make my life easier but it does still take time because I was recommended to check each pin to ensure it leads to an actual website, as some don’t. This is the time consuming part for me.

    1. 50-100 total 🙂

      I’ve found that if I spend one day (Saturdays) manually pinning everything, it’s a lot easier to then schedule out those 50-100 pins for the rest of the week/month. I mix up my interval settings so it keeps my pin flow diverse and isn’t so obvious that I’m using a scheduler.

  4. Tailwind is freaking amazing!! Everything from making board lists to the extension to the time intervals…it’s Ahhhmazing!! I’ve been using it now for about a month, and it’s definitely rocking my world!! Thank you for this great (and oh-so-helpful) post!! Sharing it now (via Tailwind, of COURSE!) 🙂

  5. This is awesome. It actually prompted me to call a meeting with my partner to discuss Pinterest. I’m active on Pinterest (or I thought I was, till I read this), but haven’t seen the results everyone raves about. I currently use Buffer, but I find pinning original pins (ie: my own articles) limited by, well, my ability to write! I really like the Tailwind feature of selecting multiple pins..definitely going to look into that.

    1. If you look at Pinterest as a search engine rather than a social media platform, it makes it a bit easier to understand 🙂 Basically through Tailwind you’re plugging your own stuff in more often (thereby better ensuring it shows up in results) and you’re appearing to be an active user otherwise, which is what they want to see.

  6. Hi Amber,
    I am loving Tailwind but I have a question. When I click on the browser extension it only allows me to view about 10-15 pins on the screen to add to that little window to schedule along the bottom. Does it do that to everyone? I would love to be able to keep scrolling and add a ton of pins, but I have to stop and go to schedule after about one screen worth in order to add more. Is that typical or do you think I should contact their support?

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