Setting Goals in 2017

Setting Goals in 2017

If you want to find success in 2017, you need to set New Year INTENTIONS before you even think about your goals.

Goals and Intentions – What’s the difference?

First and foremost, intentions are what happens in the PRESENT while goals focus on the future.

Both are completely necessary to find the success and freedom you’re looking for, but without a present intention, achieving goals in the future is all the more difficult.

Intentions are a state of reflection while goals are a state of planning. With intentions, you reflect on the present and your feelings surrounding it. With goals, you’re setting up the steps in the hopes of controlling a future outcome.

Along those same lines, intentions are basically the pathway or the journey to which you achieve your goals. So, for example, deciding to go on a nature hike – appreciating the beauty around you as you stroll is an intention, reaching the top of the mountain is your goal.

Intentions are very broad, again thinking more of feelings and living each day as it comes, versus goals, which are ideally very specific.

Because of the broad vs specific nature of these things, having good intentions supports you in achieving your goals while having goals with no intentions means lots pressure and stress from the fear of failure.

All in all, intentions are a state of being while goals are a state of doing.

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So even if you achieve your goals, you may find yourself empty if you failed to set intentions. But by setting intentions, by CHOOSING your state of being and holding fast in that, come what may, you then open up space to achieve those goals by letting go of the crowded attachment you’ve got to the outcome.

Now I’d love to hear about YOUR 2017 intentions when it comes to your online business – comment below or hop over to Entrepreneurs Embracing Temerity and let me know what your 2017 intentions are!

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