Affordable Mastermind Group Opportunity

Affordable Mastermind Group Opportunity

What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is essential to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Most online entrepreneurs fail within the first 6 months, not because of a lack in funding or knowledge, but because of isolation!

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A mastermind group removes you from that isolation and plants you into a “collective brain” – a group in which you’ll find support, accountability, and ideas that you might not have otherwise thought of on your own.

Now these mastermind groups always GREATLY vary in price – sometimes free (though these typically fail due to no actual investment), often ranging towards thousands of dollars per session.

I myself have paid $100 for a 30-day program and $500 for a 3-month program – both greatly beneficial, though I found the longer group was what really propelled me into finding the success that I now have as an online blogger and business owner.

It wasn’t until a recent Mastermind member of a group I myself facilitate decided to join in on a SECOND round that I realized maybe I needed to expand on my current 8-week offerings.

So I’ve launched a 6-month program, which will start in mid-December, but won’t officially kick off until January 8th 2017 and will continue through to July 2017.

This mastermind group is absolutely for you if:

  • You find yourself feeling as though you live online.
  • You can’t seem to find the balance between hitting your profit goals and not stressing over the amount of time put into your business.
  • The thought of a 6-month commitment makes you nervous – I can’t think of anyone better to join, because clearly you need help finding the confidence in your business and ensuring that failure is NEVER again an option.
  • You’ve been running your business for 3+ months and have yet to make a significant profit, despite strong efforts.
  • You read the part about isolation and felt your heart sigh. You don’t have to be alone in this!!

The mastermind group will be capped at 12 (possibly even 10!) and my last 8-week group sold out in only 3 days so if you’re interested, you need to sign up NOW

The mastermind group program is extremely affordable –

only $297 paid in full or 3 payments of $119 – that’s NOT $297/month, that’s a FULL $297 – less than $50/month!

Mastermind Group Outline

We will meet with official calls 1x/month, with the opportunity for additional calls as needed. You will be granted access to an exclusive Facebook community, provided lifetime access to recordings of all sessions held, and be provided with 24-hour support via the group and e-mail access to me.

We will cover:
– 2016 Reflection & 2017 Goal Setting
– Paving the way for passive income products
– Maintaining momentum to keep out of your lazy zone
– Creating a solid support system
– The best marketing techniques and how to adapt them for your specific business
– Time management
– Automation systems
– And SO much more!!

It’s important to note that this is not just a group for advice, but a positive place to bring your goals to life. Each and every one of us would be there to support each other and manifest each others goals. This group *WILL* be industry changing and if you’re eager to be a part of it, DO. NOT. WAIT.

Questions? E-mail me or comment below. But don’t wait – this mastermind group opportunity will NOT be available again any time soon.

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