My $2,200 Business Mistake – And What I Hope YOU’LL Learn From It

My $2,200 Business Mistake – And What I Hope YOU’LL Learn From It

I made a mistake…and mistake that cost me a MONTH of “livable income”!!

I recently had to fire my 1:1 business coach – who will remain unnamed but I will say the stress of working with her was worse than the stress of losing my $2,200 investment.

Check out my live stream of the story, shared via my Facebook business page:

Do/Don’ts Learned from My $2,200 Mistake:

– Don’t allow for a “no refund” policy (some coaches bristle at this, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!)

– Do stay true to YOU and your passions

– Don’t let someone bully you into thinking you HAVE to outsource. I’ve made all my money thus far by NOT outsourcing, it wasn’t until I did that I saw my business dip.

– Do your research. Go into groups and ask “Hey, does anyone have any experience working with (Jane Doe)?” If you know the person is in some of the same groups, their own or otherwise, search the name and see: if she promoting all of her own stuff and only interacting in a “love this!” kind of way or is she genuinely engaging?

– Don’t invest if you don’t have the money to. I had zero credit card debt before I made this mistake.

– DO LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS. If something smells like snake oil, it’s probably snake oil.

Finally –

Do NOT ever hesitate to e-mail me if you have a question about something, blogging or otherwise.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in all things “blog” but I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years – if I don’t have an answer, I know who does.

There will never be a sales pitch, there will never be a “Hey, if we want to take this further, you’ll need to invest $897…” (which is what was actually suggested to me to do).

I am here to help YOU if you need me – whether you’re a stranger or otherwise.


UPDATE: Since sharing this story, I have had DOZENS and DOZENS of you reach out to me, to thank me for sharing and to share your own similar stories. I am so grateful for each and every one of you that has done so, although I’d never wish anyone make the same mistake I did.

This industry needs to change. I’m sick of seeing 20 year olds claiming to be business experts when they have ZERO experience in business before starting their own. COME ON. Just because you hired a coach does not make YOU a coach. Now I’m not saying all young 20-somethings are delusional when it comes to being business savvy, but if you don’t have a background in business (educational or otherwise) beyond what you hired two or three other people to teach you – YOU. ARE. NOT. FIT. TO. COACH.

Watch below for more on my thoughts and how YOUR responses have prompted changes in my own business:

I’d love to hear from more of you, so please join us over in my Facebook community and let’s talk!



13 thoughts on “My $2,200 Business Mistake – And What I Hope YOU’LL Learn From It

  1. I hate this for you! Thank you for the video – I think I will just wait now before I do anything and just take advantage of free training until I am better off financially to afford it.

  2. Oh oh oh coaching. At its best it is…well…the best. In my experience it is a muddled mess of coaches finding their own way in life and business. I don’t really need to be part of their journey.

    1. Yes!! I don’t think they necessarily need a specific degree (or even a degree at all!) but there are WAY too many “coaches” out there with zero experience beyond what they paid one or two other people to teach them (who also probably had limited experience).

  3. I love this post, I love the videos and I love that you are authentic and being true to who you are. Valuable lesson – just because someone is a good marketer doesn’t mean they are a good coach. Just because they are good at business doesn’t mean they are a good coach. I appreciate your desire to help others. I know it will pay off for you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a terrible experience for you to have to go through! And how brave and honest of you to share it so that others can learn to avoid a similar situation. I have been wonderfully fortunate to have a fabulous coaching experience that sounds nothing like yours.
    A coach should be someone you learn and grow with and certainly one that you can trust to have your best interests in mind!
    I hope things keep improving for you!

  5. Amber had to chime in here. I have spent years in network marketing 20 plus. I have had my farm bet on hope and dreams teaching and training others. Many great schemes have been brought to market via this hoax with smoke and mirrors that is true. However so have a great number of legitimate offering. Sprint Phone Company, Pre Paid Legal, Mary Kay, Avon, ect, ect

    So it’s the people not the business distribution of operation expenses or product delivery and fulfillment that matter. If that was all then we would have Enron, Worldcom, And some other traditional Business’s ran by crooks. I see Character as being key not who get paid for doing what. Thinking back on that and my corporate experience one right away would agree with age vs. experience. However, I was given more responsibility as I could handle it. Many times I was younger then my peers and many times old men have been in my employee. So to link age to ability is not proper to do.

    More over in my current offering that is on fire. Success like you have only dreamed you want to believe it your experience, savoy and acute awareness of trends and the market heartbeat. Then from the mouth of a babe comes true genius. A young lady in my group had an answer well beyond her ability and knowledge yet it came right out of this 20 something. It was known to be right we all knew it instantly all us old seasoned ones to advanced in our own dialog to keep it simple. So I was reminded it is the message the world is sending not the massager you need to be looking for.

    Now about what happened to you Amber has already help you more than you know and I bet will continue to bring you gifts for many years to come. And not only that that was nothing wait til the numbers are are 6 figure and the loss total you just move on and go further. I have never had a coach but always had a mentor. But it was supplied in the network marketing company someone up-line had the help I needed if I looked hard enough.

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